a few words about me

I'm from the Netherlands and living in Bonaire for three years now. In the Netherlands I worked more than fifteen years for the publisher Wegener. Starting as a system-administrator, my interest for pixels was growing. So I developed to a web- and graphicdesigner, desktop publisher and photographer. In 2010 we decided to move to Bonaire where I have the opportunity to combine my interests and passions. Creating things while living in the greatest inspirator; nature.
Yes, I also love nature. I really enjoy gardening, my dog, cat and all those beautifull animals who are living around my house like the iguana's and lora's. On top of that I try to aquascape. Bonaire is such a beautifull island with all those colourfull reefs, rough nature and friendly people. When I came here I first runned Butterfly Garden Bonaire. However too bad, the new owner closed it. Now I'm working also at another really nice place, the Mangrove Info Center, as a guide.

And not to forget, I have a lovely son, Julius!